SamcoSport hoses are handcrafted to high automotive standards using the best quality fabrics and are 100% visually inspected to guarantee they are the best hoses money can buy.

To ensure that they remain that way, you will find below our expert tips on how to look after your hoses including fitting, cleaning and cutting if you need to customise.

Cutting >

To cut silicone hose use a new ‘snap off’ blade in your knife. Tighten a hose clamp around the hose without deforming the hose and use the edge of the clip as a guide for the knife blade. Stop near the worm drive section as the band here is uneven. Then take off the clip and slice through.

Fitting >

Pipe work should be matched to the hose to ensure a good interference fit without overstretching. Hoses must never be distorted when fitted, if the hose is stretched into position it is more likely to fail. Hoses when clamped in place should be clamped just behind the formed bead with at least 10mm of hose beyond the clip.

Cleaning >

There are many substances that will remove dirt and grime from engine components, but not that many are suitable for silicone. The best cleaning product is a simple solution of soapy water. Do not use petroleum based products under any circumstances.

Clamping >

It’s important that good quality clamps are used to ensure that the hose is fitted securely. SamcoSport clips have designed with fully rounded edges and smooth inners to prevent damage to the surface of the hose under heavy clamping necessary in high pressure demanding applications.