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T Piece Hoses

T Piece Hoses

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Samco Silicone T-Piece Hose

Samco Silicone Hoses Available at Williams Race Services ( Samco Australia ).

For vehicles not listed in our direct replacement kit range or for the custom application

This hose is ideal for Air, Compressed Air or Water.


The sizes range from a 38mm (1 1/2") to a 76mm  (3") Internal Diameter.

Length: 102mm

Spout: 25mm

Branch: 25mm I.D.


Standard Colour: Blue

Colour Options: Red / Green / Yellow / Purple / Black / Orange / BRG

Premium Colour Options (+15%): White / Pink / Silver / Classic Black


Max Temperature : 356°F (180°C)




(SamcoSport do not recommend any silicone hose to be used for permanent exposure to Fuel e.g. fuel lines.)


Also available for Oil/Diesel and Fuel/Gasoline.