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Samco Silicone Hoses Available at Williams Race Services ( Samco Australia ).

The Samco®Sport Hose Kits provide a unique opportunity to upgrade your Subaru engine hoses to

a product that is simply un-rivalled worldwide for performance and looks.

With over 450 applications for the most popular cars

You're fitting the finest Samco turbo and coolant silicone hoses that are designed

to perform under pressure.

Why Choose Samco Sport Silicone Hoses ??

1. Longer Life Than OEM Rubber Hoses

2. Extreme Durability

3. Proven To Lower Temperatures

4. Extremely High Burst Pressures

5. Hoses with 3 or 4 Way Connections are moulded into 1 with Samco Sport's unique tooling capabilities, this improves coolant flow and reduce risk of component failure.

6. Ltd Lifetime Guarantee

Complete set's of Samco Sport quality full stainless steel hose clamps,

these have a smooth inside and rolled edges and perfectly suited to work with Samco Sport silicone hoses.

Available from stock and should be ordered to accompany all Samco Sport hose kits.

Colour Options: Red / Green / Yellow / Purple / Black / Orange / BRG

Premium Colour Options (+15%): White / Pink / Silver / Classic Black

Standard Polyester Silicone : Max Temperature : 180°C (356°F)